Application Examples

Application Examples

Loading cell:

  • Toy balls are “baked” in a mould
  • Balls are removed and positioned and aligned on a conditioning band
  • Robot 2 removes them and places them in a second machine

System concept:

  • Parts are placed in the system on wooden pallets
  • Camera detects the position of the parts
  • Robot picks the raw parts, places them in the grinding machine
  • Double gripper removes the parts after machining and stores them
  • Truing of the parts
  • Feeding in and out of the parts

Automation toilet flushing tanks:

Moulds are sprayed with mould release agent so that the adhesive foam can be easily removed from the mould.

Customer: Geberit

Dual loading cell:

Die cast parts are fed into a grinding and polishing machine via an intelligent workpiece carrier system. The objective of this application is to debur the parts

Circulating workpiece carrier system with drilling station:

This system is used to place structural elements made of die-cast aluminium on workpiece carriers in a unit. The intelligently controlled, chained system provides a process for drilling, threading, brushing, deburring, inspecting and washing parts for the automotive industry.

Inspections and measurements in the process:

Frequent applications in the process chain are executed during auxiliary process times. This drastically reduces high manufacturing costs.

Just one look at our work speaks for itself!

Here are a few examples taken from our extensive portfolio:

  • Loading and unloading of a CNC turning centre
  • Removal of die casts from various processing machines
  • Additional loading of washing machines, marking units, feeding out OK, not OK