Whatever your industry – our plants create added value.

Since we develop a lot of things from scratch on our own, we are open for virtually any industry. Often, it is a long way from the definition of the task to the installation. We create a concept that takes into account all technical and business aspects. On the basis of this concept, we develop the final, optimum solution together with our customers.

We are thoroughly familiar with the tasks in the individual industries. Our team considers these requirements and conditions and designs a competitive application.

Our staff speaks the customer’s language – complete with the terminology typical for that line of business. With this concentrated knowledge and know-how, we have a competency that we put to work for your plant.

Field of expertise

our field of expertise is building robot-based automation plants for various industries such as:

Automation is everywhere meaningful where an increase of productivity and efficiency, an increase of reproducibility of production steps, the wish for more validatable work steps and a bigger independency of human factors is desired. The quality of the production will be increased, the competitiveness will be kept.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Diagnostic
  • Lab Automation
  • Medical Technology