Additional to the operator manual and maintenance recommendations – provided in local language – Automations Robotic provides on request and of course in compliance with 21 CFR part 11 and the GMP and GAMP guidelines with documentation packages, which are adapted to the applications and the requirements of our customers.

  • FAT protocols
  • SAT protocols
  • DQ (Design Qualification) documents i.e. QPP, FS, SDS, HDS, etc.
  • IQ (Installation Qualification) protocols
  • OQ (Operational Qualification) protocols


Already during the acceptance (FAT) at our site, your operators who will work in the future with the equipment will get first basic instructions of operating the machine. On your request specific trainings can be offered in order to increase the theoretical and practical knowledge about the equipment. Key aspects could be programming of the robot, programming of the PLC, Maintenance, Image processing (if applicable) etc.

Services at site / after sales service

For Automations Robotic GmbH a project doesn´t end with the installation, qualification or start of the production. In a partnership relation to our customers, we want to offer always, whenever requested, the best possible support.

  • Installation of the equipment
  • Support/Execution of SAT
  • Support/Execution of IQ/OQ
  • Support during PQ
  • Support during start of production
  • Remote Access
  • Support via telephone and e-mail
  • 24/5 und 24/7 Support
  • Etc.


Beside the a.m. services, Automations Robotic GmbH offers additional services like

  • Customized spare part packages
  • Upgrades of existing equipment
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Specific Service and Maintenances Contracts
  • Extended warranty period, etc.



Like a watch shows all hours of a day,  our „Service-Cycle“ shows all phases of a project in which Automations Robotic GmbH can accompany its partners and their equipment, starting with the preparation of a first concept until a possible modification of the equipment for a new application.

pharma support cycle