In addition to the operating instructions and maintenance recommendations in the respective national language, Automations Robotic GmbH is also very happy to provide additional and customer-specific documentation packages, which are adapted to the respective applications and requirements.

  • FAT logs
  • SAT protocols
  • DQ documents such as FS, HDS
  • IQ/ OQ logs
  • SAT/ IQ/ OQ/ PQ/ production support


The future operators will receive initial instructions on how to operate the system during the FAT. On request, specific training courses can be offered for the period after commissioning in order to deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge of the system.

    • System operator training
    • Robot Training
    • Service and maintenance training
    • Training on the image processing system used


For the period after commissioning, Automations Robotic GmbH offers additional services which serve to bring the delivered system into production quickly and to keep it in operation continuously and without long interruptions.

  • Support in conducting the SAT and the IQ/OQ
  • PQ support
  • Production support
  • Remote Access
  • Phone and email support
  • 24/5 and 24/7 support
  • Specific Spare Parts Packages
  • Service/ maintenance contracts
  • Extended Warranty Periods