“Pick and place” of bulk goods or packaging of glass containers are just two applications for which Automations Robotic GmbH can offer high-performance solutions.

This is either done by special robots (Delta robots) or special robot grippers in combination with a sophisticated transport system.


Example 1

The products are filled manually into a general cargo container and from there fed to a sorting bowl via an ascending belt. After a quality control (camera) has been carried out, the individual products are picked up by a delta robot and placed at a defined point in the infeed to the downstream packaging machine.

Example 2

Empty trays are placed on conveyor belts via an automatic feed system. Glass bottles from an upstream machine are separated in 2 lanes with the help of screw conveyors, picked up by robots and fed into the empty trays. The filled trays are automatically closed with a lid and fed to the downstream production step via a system of conveyor belts.

Example 3

As part of in-process controls (IPC), tests are carried out during production, which serve to monitor the production process with regard to compliance with the specifications and, if necessary, to adapt it.

This is done by “drawing of patterns” at defined time intervals. This process is carried out either manually by an operator or with the help of an automated solution from Automations Robotic GmbH. The samples drawn are collected in cassettes, syringe tubs or other containers.